Tis The Season for Love for Others

Tis The Season for Love for Others

Aloha beautiful readers! As we come upon the holidays, while eating and celebrating with our aunties,uncles,moms dads,cousins,grandparents,brothers, sisters and most importantly our children take a split second and stand back and cherish the moment, kiss your children, tell them “I love you” WHY?

This is an example of the why..Let me tell you this beautiful little girls story

Let me introduce you to Brylee. A sweet charismatic funny beautiful Kindergartner from Palmdale California.




And this is Brylee a few days ago. To celebrate her 5th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BYLEE).




On October 15 Brylee was diagnosed with a rare cancer stage IV Rhabdomysarcoma. She has been doing Chemotherapy and fighting hard against this horrible disease that no person should have to go through let alone a small innocent child. And if anyone is familiar, Chemo is rough on any adult let alone a child. But she does it with a smile and her adorable spunky self


Sometimes I really think chemo and radiation have the opposite effect on this one!! Hysterical!!!

Posted by Prayers for Brylee Joy on Thursday, December 17, 2015



I don’t know this family personally. In fact I accidentally came across her Facebook page and I have been following it every since! And I am glad I do. She is amazing. I love how she still smiles while fighting this. She and her family are in my thoughts daily. So much in fact I hug my grand-babies just a little bit tighter every time I see a new post.

The purpose of this post is (with the permission of her parents) I would love to see each and everyone of my readers to take a short minute of your day and send her a card..or send her a postcard so that she can see where you are from.

Better yet.. I CHALLENGE each and everyone of you to send a postcard to Brylee. Lets call it “The Postcards for Brylee challenge”. I would love for you guys to post on our Facebook wall over at Kupana Wahines Corner a pic of your post card and hastage it #ThePostcardsForBryleeChallenge.

Send your postcards to:



Lets see if we can fill her walls with postcards from all over. In fact here is mine:


Also take a second and follow her Facebook page Prayers for Brylee Joy and keep tabs on the challenge (I’m sure her parents will post how many she gets or something) and most importantly keep tabs on her progress in fighting this fight!!

MESSAGE TO BRYLEE: Keep fighting sweetie! You have about 15,000 of Kupana Wahines Corner’s readers supporting you and cheering you on! And most importantly KEEP SMILING KIDDO!

And to my readers: Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka to your families from ours!