Turtle Invaders Review

Turtle Invaders Review

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Turtle Invaders

I downloaded the Turtle Invaders App from Google Play for my 15 and Half Month Grandson. He seems to really enjoy it. He likes the action and the sounds. I have to admit he is pretty good at the game lol. This game reminds me of Space Invaders from my younger days but with turtles.

turtle invaders screen shot

I wish that it would maybe some different music options or when you beat a level maybe a different background or scene of some sort. Maybe shoot a different looking group of turtles with every level that you beat.

I played beginner to level 18, Experienced to level 11 and Hard to level 7.

turtle invaders level


The one thing I don’t understand is why it doesn’t shoot continuously if you want it to there seems to be a small gap between shots. Overall this is a great little app for my grandson to play with.

You can download Turtle Invaders on Itune at iTunes Download Link

or on Google Play at Google Play Link

ENJOY! Now Im going to go and try and beat my high score now!

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