Visionary Bri’s Desert Rogue Giveaway

Desert Rogue Designs

Visionary Bri is at it, again, with another one-of-a-kind promotion (I LOVE one of a kinds dont you?)

Enter the Desert Rogue Giveaway.

The Etsy shop, Desert Rogue Designs, has offered our winners three different prizes!

1st Place
Any item of their choosing from the shop.
The average value of these pieces is $100!

2nd Place
a 50% off coupon to Desert Rogue Designs

3rd Place
a 25% off coupon to Desert Rogue Designs

Desert Rogue Designs makes awesome leather belts with all kinds of neat pockets on them. If you’re a Rennie, Larper, Burner, artist or just someone who needs a couple of extra pockets (with some sweet style thrown in), these belts are the ones for you.

I love being able to support creative, fun individual and businesses!
This is a photo of the one they sent me, Visionary Bri.
Desert Rogue Designs leather belts<br />
I love the leaf-look of the pockets.
When I got the belt, a pleasant surprise awaited me.
Not only did all the pockets snap closed, there were zippers under those flaps, too
to keep your goods extra secure.
The leather is thick and very sturdy.
The entire belt is incredibly well-made. I am very impressed!
For the colorful, there’s this wonderful green and blue belt.
leather belts
The pouches are big enough to carry a wallet, a cell phone, a compact and lipstick or a travel size pack of tissues. Great for keeping all your necessities with you, no matter where you are!
Maybe you’d like something a little more urban primitive.
Great for Burners, Pennsic, or your local summer fest.
I could see this one being worn very smartly with a kilt!
leather belts
Also, there’s an extra zip up pocket on the inside of the belt
to keep your cash and credit cards safe!
All of Desert Rogue Designs belts are just so cool,
so enter to one one for yourself or a friend, today!
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Giveaway ends 4/14/13 at 11:59pm Central Indiana time

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